Artwork by Jess Hill

Acres of Ancestry / Black Agrarian Fund

Black Belt Justice Center
Washington, DC

The Black Belt Justice Center uses legal advocacy, public education, and community organizing to address structural barriers that hinder African American farmers, landowners, and communities in the Black Belt region of the US from achieving economic prosperity and holistic wellness.

A project of the Black Belt Justice Center, the Acres of Ancestry / Black Agrarian Fund uses education, curation and sale of eco-cultural art, and community organizing to raise awareness about African American land loss, support retention and return of land, and ultimately preserve an ancestral value paradigm anchored in spirit-culture, collective land stewardship, and ecological harmony.

“As granddaughters of Black agrarian women lightbearers who repurposed sufferings into protective coverings, we carry solutions to restore ecological harmony in our imaginations, hearts, and hands.”
Tracy Lloyd McCurty, Esq., Co-Founder