Church of the Woods outside altar comprised of natural items found on the church’s 106 acre property.
Courtesy of Kairos Earth

Sacred Ground Initiative

Kairos Earth
Canterbury, NH

Kairos Earth seeks to renew a widespread understanding of the natural world as a bearer of the sacred and to restore this awareness as a foundation of both religious practice and practical action to conserve the Earth. Through the Sacred Ground Network, they have set out to connect faith communities that are rooting themselves in nature in order to “develop and liberate a common voice for the Earth as a place of sacred beauty, joy, and reverence … to bring together people who experience the Earth as sacred.” They seek to “restore a religious sensibility to the conservation movement, awaken the slumbering potential of faith communities as voices for the Earth, take a long view even as our fears and anxieties urge us toward short-term crisis thinking, and speak from our hearts about the land, our home, our love.”