Lambs graze in a green pasture.
Photo courtesy of Agrarian Trust


Agrarian Trust
Weare, NH

FaithLands is a growing national movement to connect and inspire faith communities to use their land in new ways that promote ecological and human health, support local food and farming, enact reparative justice, and strengthen communities. As a learning community, FaithLands members seek to connect religious traditions, agriculture, and ecological stewardship, inspiring a spiritual and ethical revolution in our relationship to each other and the land.

FaithLands is led by Agrarian Trust and a multi-faith leadership team that is working to shape a national dialogue to support faith communities in considering options for the future of their land.

Featured Media

FaithLands Toolkit cover image, showing people working the land with regenerative farming practices.

FaithLands Toolkit

This kit offers inspiration and practical guidance to religious land holders interested in gifting, sharing, or in other ways opening their land for conservation, reparations, rematriation, or community use.
One of the farmers at Little Jubba Farm in central Maine

Could Putting Farmland in the Commons Support Land Justice and Sustainability?

The Agrarian Trust aims to help farmers access land and stay on it, while fostering a system of community supported, environmentally sustainable agriculture.
Faith leaders and sustainable agriculture leaders converse at a FaithLands event.

Creating an Ecosystem of Faiths for the Future of the Earth

Reflecting on a remarkable gathering of faith and sustainable agriculture leaders at FaithLands and the creation of an “ecosystem of faiths.”
Attendees of the inaugural FaithLands event at Pacienes Ranch in California’s Central Valley.

The Movement to Turn Church Land into Farmland

A nascent movement of faith leaders, conservation experts, and food advocates are joining forces to connect young farmers to the vast quantity of land owned by churches.

‘We’re trying to re-create the lives we had’: the Somali migrants who became Maine farmers

A community of Somali Bantu farmers struggled for land security until the farm justice activists of the Agrarian Trust lent a hand.