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Journey of the Universe

New Haven, CT

Journey of the Universe weaves together science and the humanities to inspire a comprehensive sense of mystery and awe for the workings of nature and the continual unfolding of the universe. This approach expands the human perspective beyond an anthropocentric worldview to one that values life’s complexity and sees the role of humans as critical to the further flourishing of the Earth community. The project consists of a film, a book, a podcast, a series of conversations, and online classes.

Featured Media

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Healing and Revisioning

Mary Evelyn Tucker and Belvie Rooks discuss how teaching the story of the universe has empowered African American youth to contextualize slavery, envision healing and reconciliation, and imagine a better future through a broader sense of self and place.

Mary Evelyn Tucker discusses the book/film Journey of the Universe and humanity’s ever-expanding sense of community.

Journey of the Universe film host Brian Thomas Swimme takes in the ocean.

FORE Co-Founder Mary Evelyn Tucker

Eight questions with Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-Director

Where do ecology, culture, and spirituality connect in your work?

Everywhere! It is the heart of everything we do—with the Forum on Religion and Ecology and with Journey of the Universe.

What brought you to this work?

Teaching and living in Japan, meeting Thomas Berry, marrying John Grim! I have been much blessed!

What was the biggest challenge or accomplishment in your work last year?

Finishing the Thomas Berry biography.

What do you see happening in your field—or beyond, in the world—that you’re really excited about?

The academic field of religion and ecology is established in academia and growing in the larger society.

What matters most to you right now?

That we find a way to bring the spiritual dimensions of the environmental crisis forward with greater visibility and traction.

What does service mean to you?

Giving back to that which sustains all of life.

What keeps you going?

The beauty and complexity of the natural world.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Be in nature.