A child’s watercolor painting of trees, river, and fish.

Karuara, People of the River

Asociación Quisca

Directed by Stephanie Boyd, Leonardo Tell Imaiania, and Miguel Aroaz Cartagena, Karuara: People of the River follows an Indigenous community’s struggle to protect their river in the Peruvian Amazon from modern environmental threats. The film’s protagonist, Mariluz Canaquiri, says her river is the “ɨa” (ee-ah)—the center, life force, and mother. The film combines ancient myths narrated in the endangered Kukama language, animations using children’s artwork, and modern storytelling in a community-engaged production. Karuara: People of the River will remind viewers that each lake and stream is sacred and that our planet’s fragile water resources must be protected. Kalliopeia supported production of this film. 

This project is fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies.