Courtesy of Kvöldvaka


Salt Lake City, UT

Kvöldvaka is an interactive story for mobile devices, an experiment using augmented reality technology to invite richer connection to nature in playful and surprising ways. Inspired by Icelandic folklore, Kvöldvaka invites us to the magic, comfort, and hope that ancient stories can offer in times of trouble and disconnection.

“There is something that has been lost. Maybe you feel it too.

We are living in a turbulent time. The changing climate with loss of species, loss of livelihood and the stress of a global pandemic. It can be overwhelming and frightening, and as we isolate we can feel even more disconnected from the world and each other.

But what if we could tap into some deeper ties that bind us? Humans have survived turbulent times before.”
Trailer for the Kvöldvaka augmented reality experience.

Featured Media

“AR to provide context for understanding the natural environment” — Dane Christensen (KVÖLDVAKA)

An interview with Kvöldvaka Director and Hologram Designer Dane Christensen about the fascinating augmented reality app for iOS that brings folklore and magic to life.