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Weaving Earth

Graton, CA

Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education provides nature-based education for action at the confluence of ecological, social and personal systems change. WE believes that education must critically engage inherited systems of separation and domination, and at the same time, responsibly recollect a deeper human inheritance: stories of interrelationship, belonging, dignity and respect. At the root of this deeper inheritance is the embodied remembering that humans are a part of nature, not apart from it. From this orientation, WE works with youth, teens, adults, and organizations to build a more just and resilient future.

We envision a world beyond dominanceā€¦ Communities that are rooted in justice, interrelationship, and earth careā€¦ A planet whose ecological and cultural brilliance is preserved for the generations to come.

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Ideological migration and the work of Weaving Earth.
The Weaving Earth Immersion is a nature-based journey into the core practices of Relational Education.