Emergence Issue 4: Faith

Emergence Magazine
by Kalliopeia Foundation

The fourth issue of Emergence Magazine, FAITH, features thirteen new articles, including multimedia experiences, essays, original artwork, photography, in-depth interviews, poetry, and ten new podcast episodes.

This issue explores how the landscape of faith is shifting. Institutional religion is in many places failing to respond to the needs of the present moment; entrenched structures aren’t adapting quickly enough to guide us through an uncertain future. 

In an age of heightened individualism and consumerism, where can we turn for meaning that is rooted in care for place and for each other? Is reclaiming faith an act of resistance? What are the teachings and core truths that are still alive and waiting to be named, to be recognized? Drawing from a wide variety of traditions and perspectives, this issue explores the questions, practices, and journeys that faith invites us into.

Below are a few features from this issue:

  • In On the Road with Thomas Merton, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert and writer Fred Bahnson retrace Christian mystic Thomas Merton’s pilgrimage to the American West, offering an intimate meditation on Merton’s life and the relevance of the spiritual journey today. (Bahnson is the director of the Food, Health and Ecological Well-Being Program at Wake Forest University Divinity School, one of our grantee partners.)
  • The multimedia experience Shikoku Pilgrimage takes you along an ancient pilgrimage route in southern Japan, offering glimpses of a living tradition of faith rooted in the land.
  • In the essay Hallowed Ground, staff writer Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder profiles theologian Martin Palmer and his work to engage faith-based communities in recovering narratives of love and care for local ecologies.
  • In the podcast Radical Dharma, Reverend angel Kyodo williams reflects on our widespread crisis of story, the failure of institutional religions to offer a new way forward, and her philosophy of Radical Dharma—a path to individual and collective liberation.
  • In Myrtle’s Medicine, writer and researcher Dr. Kinitra Brooks shares the meaning and beauty of embodied ways of knowing in a world where the cosmologies of Black women are continually erased and excluded from knowledge traditions.
  • In the essay Ancient Root, Chickasaw novelist, essayist, poet, and environmentalist Linda Hogan reflects on an encounter with caged elephants where she experiences profound love and interconnection.

In each issue, Emergence offers a practice inspired by one of the stories. For this issue, Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder reflects on a simple pilgrimage practice that one can do anywhere. Inspired by her experiences traveling in Japan with the magazine’s film team to create the multimedia story “Shikoku Pilgrimage,” this practice invites you to embark on a journey to a sacred site, beginning where you are and arriving with every step.

We invite you to explore these stories at Emergence Magazine.