Launch of Emergence Magazine

Emergence Magazine
by Kalliopeia Foundation
An illustrated man stands on a rock floating above a flat landscape facing a pale moon and distant foothills.

Below, read our announcement from spring 2018 introducing Emergence Magazine

We’re excited to share with you the launch of Emergence Magazine, a new Kalliopeia Foundation initiative. Emergence Magazine is a free, quarterly online publication with an annual printed edition, featuring innovative digital media as well as the written word.

At Kalliopeia we’ve always believed in the power of stories to help support an ethic of care for each other and the Earth. In an era of immense environmental destruction, fueled by finite and faltering narratives of progress and power, we look to stories that illuminate the emerging connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality. As a publication, we are committed to creating a space where these stories can be shared, voices can be heard, and new ideas can be discovered.

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