Our Response and Commitment

Foundation Updates
by Kalliopeia Foundation
Hands weaving a basket

Kalliopeia Foundation, and our media and educational in-house initiatives, remain committed and will continue to offer our support during this tumultuous and uncertain time of crisis. 

As we take all the practical and recommended steps to keep ourselves and the wider community safe, we embrace the shared sense of responsibility to listen and respond to emerging needs. 

If you’re a current Kalliopeia grantee partner
Read this message from our director of grantmaking, Sohrob Nabatian, for Kalliopeia’s response to our grantees.

If you’re seeking community, connection, and inspiration
We share a letter of reflection and inspiration from the Emergence Magazine team: “Uncertainty in times of crisis breeds fear and anxiety, but it can also uncover opportunities for greater connection and attention to the threads of relationship that so profoundly connect us. It is our vulnerability that can, ultimately, bring us closer together.”

And join us for a variety of new online programs with Emergence staff and contributors aimed at providing a space where we can connect through the power of story and reflect on the deeper themes emerging.

If you’re an educator or parent
The Global Oneness Project offers support transitioning to online learning and new ways to engage with our stories and resources, as well as with each other. Like the power of community, stories of love, hope, and resilience can support us during this challenging time.

Updated March 23, 2020