Cleary Vaughan-Lee at the HundrED Innovation Summit

Global Oneness Project
by Kalliopeia Foundation
Global Oneness Project Executive Director Cleary Vaughan-Lee presenting a slide image of a boy blowing bubbles at the HundrED Innovation Summit.

Our Global Oneness Project initiative was selected by HundrED as one of the most inspiring and innovative educational programs in the world for 2018 and 2019.

Executive Director Cleary Vaughan-Lee gave a keynote address at the HundrED Innovation Summit last year about the power of emotional storytelling. And at this year’s summit, she presented the Project following an introduction from Board Chair Saku Tuominen (starts at 10:30). Here is an excerpt from HundrED’s interview with Cleary about how storytelling gets to the heart of learning:

“Stories create empathy and they are a way for us to learn about our real essence, about being human. In education that can translate to many different ways of learning; they can create communication, reflection, and foster critical thinking … With stories, students can reflect on who they are as people and how they want to live in the world.”