The Ecology of Prayer

Grants Program
by Kalliopeia Foundation
A home in the Himalayan Mountains is situated in a lush green landscape at the foot of sunlit mountains.
Photo by Diane Barker

The following quote is an excerpt from “The Ecology of Prayer,” an essay written by Fred Bahnson for grantee partner Orion Magazine. Bahnson is also the Director of the Food, Health, and Ecological Well-Being Program at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, whose work Kalliopeia supports. 

“As I sat in that Good Friday service I wondered: what effect is climate change having on our inner landscapes? Leopold was right: a keen ecological perception makes us see a world of wounds. He was also right that the pain brought on by that vision is borne internally. We may gather in crowds online or in person to vent or protest climate change, but existentially we each confront our fears alone. That’s how it feels to live in the Anthropocene, the era in which humans are changing the geological and biological foundations of life.”

Read “The Ecology of Prayer,” which was featured in the 35th anniversary issue of Orion Magazine.