Kalliopeia Foundation is an independent private foundation that engages in grantmaking, education, and storytelling at the intersection of ecology, culture, and spirituality.




  • Ecology

    is rooted in the Greek word oikos, meaning “house.” We center ecology as a way of upholding the diverse, interconnected relationships that shape and create our shared home.

  • Culture

    stems from the Latin word, colere, meaning to tend or cultivate. We support existing and emerging cultures that tend to and cultivate the places of which they are a part.

  • Spirituality

    derives from the Latin spirare, breathe, and spiritus, breath. Spirituality speaks to the human capacity to be in relationship to something greater than ourselves, including the living, breathing Earth.

When balanced and held together, these elements nurture and sustain humanity and the living Earth alike.

Kalliopeia’s work is grounded in the following principles:

  • Recognize life’s oneness: everything is interdependent and interconnected.
  • Honor the sacredness of the land.
  • Return to the rhythms and patterns of the living world.
  • Love and care for each other and the Earth.
  • Respect women’s leadership, feminine principles, and nonpatriarchal ways of being.
  • Witness and uplift diverse voices and experiences.
  • Support nonhierarchical communities and ways of working together.
  • Seed a future based on kinship with the Earth.