We are guests on the unceded ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok people of Tamal-liwa (what has come to be called Tomales Bay in Marin County). The Indigenous peoples here endured the devastating effects of colonialism: theft of land, genocide, forced assimilation, and disease. Despite these grave injustices, the Coast Miwok people continue to be in deep relationship with these lands and waters, as they have for millennia. Within this landscape—a living conversation between salt marsh, tidal flats, coast, and ridge; arrow grass, brown pelican, bay laurel, and redwood—Indigenous peoples carry forward generations of traditional knowledge and diverse ways of knowing. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have cared for it throughout the generations.

Map of Maring County
Map of Maring County


Our offices are located within the mosaic of forest, grassland, and marine ecosystems at the edge of Point Reyes National Seashore, in Northern California, a landscape formed by the ongoing tectonic activity of the San Andreas Fault.

Grounded in the spiritual values of service, interconnectedness, and reverence, Kalliopeia strives to be in deep relationship with the human and more-than-human world with whom we share this land.

Point Reyes foggy portrait landscape shot on grainy film.
Point Reyes foggy portrait landscape shot on grainy film.


Courtesy of Native Land Digital
A screen shot from Native Land Digital's website showing Indigenous territories of North America

We invite you to explore the following initiatives and grantee partners who are uplifting the forgotten histories, present-day stories, and future voices of our local community.

“Our ancestors, the beloveds, are calling to us,
and we call back, ‘We are coming home.’”

— Theresa Harlan