A group of language keepers presents at a gathering of the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival.
The Rumsen Ohlone Team sharing revived songs from wax cylinder recordings as part of their final project. Photo by Scott Braley

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival

Topanga, CA

Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival (AICLS) assists California Native communities and individuals in keeping their languages alive, with a focus on developing new speakers. Established in 1992, AICLS has had a tremendous impact in the field of language revitalization around the world, inspiring the use of the Master-Apprentice model and more. AICLS strongly believes that Native languages, when spoken (and revitalized), have a profound healing effect on the individual, the family, and community. Their biennial Language is Life gathering brings together hundreds of individuals and families from throughout the state to learn and share insights about Native language revitalization.

Emergence Magazine partnered with AICLS on Language Keepers, a multimedia experience featuring four communities who are revitalizing their languages.