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Center for Spiritual Imagination

Garden City, NY

The Center for Spiritual Imagination is dedicated to deepening and enriching human relationships with spirit, self, and Earth in new and ancient ways.  Drawing from the wisdom of Benedictine, Carmelite, and Franciscan contemplative traditions, the Center seeks to translate the gifts of monastic wisdom to a form that can be used in everyday life. In this way, ancient rhythms of prayer and practice support engaged practitioners from all walks of life in answering the cry of the poor and the cry of the Earth.

“Given today’s crises the world over, we can no longer afford to hide all our contemplatives in monasteries. We need to reunite contemplation and action, we need spiritual activists and, indeed, spiritual warriors on the streets of our cities and in all our professions and institutions who can reinvent them with spiritual virtues and see every person in need, every structural imbalance, every cry, including the cry of the Earth, as a call to be answered.”
Rev. Adam Bucko, Co-Founder & Director

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