Two members of D-Town Farm sell produce at their produce stand.
Selling D-Town Farm produce at market.

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Detroit, MI

The Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) is a grassroots, community-based, nonprofit, membership organization that works to build self-reliance, food security, and justice in Detroit’s Black community by influencing public policy, engaging in urban agriculture, promoting healthy eating, encouraging cooperative buying, and directing youth toward careers in food-related fields.

DBCFSN’s vision is to advance movement toward food sovereignty while advocating for justice in the food system that ensures access to healthy foods with dignity and respect for all of Detroit’s residents. Since its founding, DBCFSN has contributed significantly to changing the local and national discourse on creating racial justice and equity in the food system.

D-Town® Farm is a 7-acre organic farm in Detroit, offering opportunities for youth and community members to engage in urban agriculture and cultural revitalization. The Farm provides fresh, affordable, natural, organically grown, culturally-appropriate food, increasing the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of its communities.

Youth “Bio-blitz” at D-Town Farm, a project of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.