Dr. Ruby Gibson and Kara Big Crow of Freedom Lodge, sitting in a field in the rolling hills.
Courtesy of Freedom Lodge

Freedom Lodge

Rapid City, SD

Freedom Lodge, a nonprofit leader in the field of intergenerational healing, believes that each of us has a role to play in the health of Tribal nations and Mother Earth, and that each of us has wisdom and a contribution to make through a deep remembering of who we are. For Freedom Lodge, this knowledge is held in our bodies as a walking library of our ancestors.

“As the eighth generation approaches, it is time to look forward, to fully heal our wounds, to reclaim our heritage, and to mend the Sacred Hoop of Life. This we do to honor the next seven generations.”

Developed by Dr. Ruby Gibson over decades of studying historical trauma and cultural healing among Indigenous peoples, Freedom Lodge provides healing services to all communities within the nine reservations of South Dakota and across the US, and provides education and training to a national network of Native professionals in how to use and/or teach their methods. Freedom Lodge shares their work at professional conferences, universities, hospitals, and in Tribal consultations, ceremonies, veteran gatherings, youth groups, and with K–12 schools.

Featured Media

Dr. Ruby Gibson stands leaning agains a tree.

Voice, Choice and Power: Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Dr. Ruby Gibson

In this interview, Freedom Lodge executive director and psychotherapist Dr. Ruby Gibson describes the work of “somatic archaeology.”

Freedom Lodge training participants.
Courtesy of Freedom Lodge