Karuk Tishanik prescribed burn.
Courtesy of Inhabitants

Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective

New York, NY

For millennia, Native communities have successfully stewarded, shaped, and cared for their landscapes, but centuries of colonization have disrupted their ability to maintain traditional land management practices. The feature film Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective follows five Native communities across the United States who are adapting to today’s climate crisis as they restore these practices and their ancient relationships with lands: deserts, coastlines, forests, and prairies. As the climate crisis escalates, these time-tested practices of North America’s original inhabitants are becoming increasingly essential in a rapidly changing world. This documentary was made in collaboration with Tribal project leaders and Kalliopeia Foundation.

Featured Media

Q/A—Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective

An interview with one of Inhabitants filmmaking team members, Cōsta Boutsikaris.

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