A screen shot from Native Land Digital's website showing Indigenous territories of North America
Courtesy of Native Land Digital

Native Land Digital

Vancouver, BC

Native Land Digital is the organization behind the online tool Native Land—an interactive platform that allows users to learn more about Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world. Native Land Digital believes that all settlers have a responsibility to recognize the history and legacy of colonialism, and that territory acknowledgement is one step toward awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life.

Native Land Digital conducts the research for the map and also works to connect nations, academics, and the general public in understanding more about Indigenous history, current issues, and ways of knowing.

“We see this pursuit of connecting people with land as fundamentally spiritual: by opening a space in the hearts of those who interact with the platform, Indigenous ways of respecting and living with the land as sacred can be planted, even if only a small seed at first.”

For Educators

A map of North America showing traditional Indigenous territories.

Native Land Teacher’s Guide

Supports educators in teaching the history of place and discussing the rich and diverse cultures that have evolved from the land where they teach.
Map of US indicating traditional Indigenous Territories.

Enhancing Our Understanding: Learning and Teaching about Indigenous Cultures, Languages and Territories

In this webinar, Cleary Vaughan-Lee of Global Oneness Project and Christine McRae of Native Land Digital offer guidance for bringing Indigenous history and knowledge into teaching in a meaningful way.