Ofrenda Magazine

Grayslake, IL

Ofrenda Magazine is a multi-media publication celebrating Xicanx and Latinx spirituality, earth-centered wisdom traditions, and healing arts.

Featuring creative and informative works from a wide range of contributors—including Xicanx, Indigenous, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx artists, healers, and thinkers—Ofrenda explores ancestral knowledge, earth-centered and embodied spiritual practice, inspired activism and environmental justice, the cosmos and cosmic sacred, wellness and self-care, curanderismo, design justice and designed futures, querencia, and more. 

Ofrenda is an offering to the community, to seekers and practitioners, to the ancestors, to the earth, and to the many generations to come.

Featured Media

Artwork by JJ Valencia of a face emerging from a skull and a sprout emerging from the forehead.

Seed Memory

John Jairo Valencia shares “Seed Memory” through art, verse, and audio: “…the seeds in my palms carry dreams, transmuted light into matter, celestial DNA embedded into each kernel’s memory.”
Sunset over the ocean.

All My Relations / Nepantla, or the Human Condition

In this essay, Chicueyi Coatl shares wisdom from her Nahua culture and shows what the Nahuatl language teaches us all about humanity.

Decolonize, Ecologize, and Indigenize

An interview with José G. González, founder of Latino Outdoors.

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