Courtesy of Sachamama


Miami, FL

Sachamama (“Mother Jungle”) is on a mission to build support for a 100% clean energy economy for all and cultivate sustainable attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles. Their work is based on the principles of Sumak-Kawsay (good living), Quechua cosmovision which promotes harmony among people and nature, through three lenses:

  1. Creating change by rebuilding the relationship between the sacred within ourselves and our planet.
  2. Building power by pursuing leadership development, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Harnessing love as a force for transformation.

Sachamama incorporates science-based education, leadership development, communications, and ancestral knowledge into one conscious climate & environmental platform. Through media engagements, storytelling strategies, and community-led climate solutions, they are informing and activating individuals to advocate for resilient more regenerative communities.

When she is not singing to the ocean, Juliana Vélez is the voice of the sharks. Hear her “Ocean Story”, one of a series presented by Sachamama.