Indigenous people crouching in the grass practice fire-making with bow drills.
Courtesy of Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples

Arcata, CA

Founded in 1977, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples (SGF) is dedicated to promoting Indigenous peoples’ self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations. Deriving their name from a precept in the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace—which emphasizes consideration of the impact of decisions on the seventh generation yet to come—the work of SGF throughout the Americas has consistently been based on holistic ecological stewardship and has recognized the direct relationship between a healthy environment, social justice, and community well-being. As extraordinary leaders working in unparalleled ways at a grassroots level, SGF supports Native communities through grantmaking, an affiliate program, training and technical support, workshops and conferences, and sponsorship; and upholds a high level of care and commitment to the preservation of traditional knowledge and culture.