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Grants Program
by Kalliopeia Foundation
A participant at Soul Fire Farm brushes dirt from the roots of freshly picked leeks.

Soul Fire Farm is a Black, Indigenous, and People-of-Color-centered community farm in upstate New York committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. With deep reverence for the land and ancestral wisdom, they work to reclaim the collective right to belong to the earth.

Native Land Digital offers the online tool Native Land, an interactive platform that allows users to learn more about Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the world. Native Land Digital believes that all settlers have a responsibility to recognize the history and legacy of colonialism, and that territory acknowledgement is one step toward awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life.

One Earth Sangha holds that the Buddhist tradition offers significant, largely untapped resources that can support humanity in bringing wisdom, compassion, courage, creativity, flexibility, and a steady resolve to our interrelated ecological and social crises. Through an online presence and partnerships with diverse Buddhist teachers and communities around the world, they help bring these resources to bear on today’s unprecedented challenges. 

Breathe is an immersive multi-sensory experience addressing the central challenge of re-imagining our relationship to the world we inhabit. Using body movement, gesture, and breath (through biometric sensors) to immerse participants in the story of air, BREATHE harnesses the power of augmented and virtual reality technologies to reconnect us to the world around us.

Onaman Collective is an Indigenous, grassroots land-based art initiative promoting and sharing traditional knowledge and language. “With everything we do, the underlying theme is always respect for the land and reclamation of the ways of our ancestors.”

The EcoWomanist Institute promotes the inclusion, ecological awareness, and community leadership of African American women within the ecospirituality, ecojustice, and ethics narratives. The Institute’s programs and services heal minds, bodies, and spirits from the social, economic, and environmental injustices that African American women face in their daily lives.

Honor Native Land is a campaign created in partnership with Native allies and organizations to spread the practice of acknowledging the original Indigenous inhabitants of the land at the opening of all public gatherings. The #HonorNativeLand Guide includes instructions for how to offer acknowledgment as well as tips for moving beyond acknowledgment into action.

Soil and Shadow is a coaching and consulting firm helping social and environmental entrepreneurs cultivate more impact in their work and joy in their lives. Kalliopeia Foundation and Soil and Shadow co-hosted “Spiritual Ecology and Culture,” an emergent gathering of leaders of color from across the United States, who came together to build community, listen to the land, and ask soul-provoking questions.

Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab is dedicated to teaching youth to become true inheritors of the Earth. “Where I Stand” is a sustained, intersectional initiative, offering youth an opportunity to develop action projects that address eco-social issues in communities most impacted by climate, social, and environmental injustice.

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