A Native woman raises a spear of grain to the light.
Photo courtesy of The Cultural Conservancy

The Cultural Conservancy

San Francisco, CA

The mission of The Cultural Conservancy (TCC) is to protect and restore Indigenous cultures, empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands. Founded in 1985, TCC works with California tribes, Native Americans around the US and Canada, Pacific Islanders, and Indigenous communities in Central and South America on a wide variety of community-based projects, from sacred site protection to the revitalization of endangered languages, arts, and song traditions. Central to TCC’s work is acknowledgement of the sacred relationship of Native peoples to their land and waters, and the importance of their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

TCC recently launched The Native Seed Pod, a podcast that explores and celebrates Native foodways, ancestral seeds, and the traditional ecological knowledge needed to renew the health of the Earth: