Courtesy of Einayach Yonim Fellowship

Einayach Yonim Fellowship

Berkeley, CA

The Einayich Yonim fellowship is an 18-month experience for Jewish high school sophomores and juniors with a strong interest in Jewish spirituality, concern for the environment, a background in Jewish learning and a commitment to personal growth. Through a program of study, mentorship, and action, the fellowship provides students the opportunity to delve into Jewish ethical ecology, to build a safe and supportive community of spiritually connected young people, to nurture self-reflection and personal growth, to foster intergenerational mentor relationships, and to help young people see the profound connection between their Jewish heritage and their responsibility for the well-being of all life on earth.

“The World is Hurting.

It needs young people who can see in a different way.

Who can look with marvel at the delicate systems of creation.

Who feel a sense of holy responsibility for the earth.

Who embrace hope.

And inspire each other towards real and internalized change.”

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