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An outdoor table by candlelight awaiting participants of Kitchen Table Talk.
Courtesy of The EcoWomanist Institute

EcoWomanist Institute

Atlanta, GA

The mission of the EcoWomanist Institute is to promote the inclusion, ecological awareness, and community leadership of African American women within the ecospirituality, ecojustice, and ethics narratives.

The Institute’s programs and services heal minds, bodies, and spirits from the social, economic, and environmental injustices that African American women face in their daily lives. It creates a safe space for “kitchen table talk,” so African American women can voice their joys, concerns, challenges, and visions for their work in the fields of ecological and social justice.

“As a slave, the Black woman depended on ecospirituality and ecological knowledge, and was extremely effective at it—this knowledge was used to survive slavery.”
Katie Cannon, womanist theologian and ethicist
EcoWomanist paying homage near the well at the Daufuskie Island historical cemetery. Courtesy of The EcoWomanist Institute