Spiritual Ecology and Culture participants sit in a large circle in a colorful room.
Courtesy of Soil and Shadow

Soil and Shadow

Oakland, CA

Soil and Shadow is a coaching and consulting firm helping social and environmental entrepreneurs cultivate more impact in their work and joy in their lives. Kalliopeia Foundation and Soil and Shadow co-hosted “Spiritual Ecology and Culture,” an emergent gathering of leaders of color from across the United States, who came together to build community, listen to the land, and ask soul-provoking questions, such as: How do we create space to be “human” together? How does mysticism show up in environmental justice work? And, what can decolonized relationships to land look like for people of color in practical—rather than political or ideological—terms?

Soil and Shadow and Kalliopeia have also collaborated on a twelve-part audio-visual exhibit, The Living Altar, hosted by the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA). The Living Altar is a return to oral tradition, a winding tale of spirit, ecology, and culture, offering audiences the experience of sitting at the feet of elders.

Featured Media

The Living Alter

Explore the interactive booklet based on the twelve-part audio-visual exhibit, The Living Altar.