Grants Program

We support individuals and programs that model cultural and ecological renewal rooted in reverent connection to a sacred, living Earth.

We support, connect, and lift up extraordinary projects and leaders who are modeling powerful ways to reconnect ecology, culture, and spirituality. We find most of our grantee partners through our networks, field research, and at gatherings, and we accept proposals by invitation only. If you feel your work is strongly aligned with our mission, you can send a brief email telling us about your work at

Meet our grantee partners

Grant Information

Our grant program prioritizes creative work that has both a powerful local effect and inspires others on a broader scale, strengthening the emerging community of leaders working at the confluence of ecology, culture, and spirituality.

We seek out and support projects of different sizes and scope, with particular emphasis on leadership, capacity, and field-building. We provide both general operating support and project support grants, depending on the particular need. Grant decisions are guided by our mission and rooted in relationships of trust.

There is vastly more good work in this field than we can support. We prioritize organizations and projects that:

  • are US-based;
  • have leadership that is both visionary and grounded;
  • foster leadership in others, especially among younger generations and across generations;
  • are well-managed, with clear results;
  • use communications to connect and inspire beyond a single community.

Please note that we do not prioritize organizations or projects that a) focus singularly on either ecological, spiritual, or cultural renewal without expression of their interconnection, or b) whose impact and story don’t translate beyond a niche audience: e.g., academia, specific religious communities.

We are all part of this amazing alive vibrant system that is the Earth. Even if it’s ailing right now, it is still this place of beauty and wonder. And connecting to the Earth with this awe and celebration can give us the fuel to bring about this great work of transforming the very way we are human on this planet.

~ Kyle Kramer, Passionist Earth and Spirit Center